Using Wufoo for a Fillable PDF Form

Save time by using Wufoo when collecting data for your fillable PDF forms.

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Use Wufoo to Help You Collect Information for a Fillable PDF Form

When you're looking to save time, the ability to generate automatic fillable PDF forms by pulling from existing user data can be a great tool. We'll show you how to manually do this process, as well as how to do it automatically with a few of our core features and by incorporating a third-party set up.

How to manually set up fillable PDF forms with Wufoo

To use Wufoo when transferring data that you want to auto-fill in a PDF, here are the steps:

  1. Use AcrobatPro
  2. Export the data from a Tab Delimited File using Wufoo's Bulk Actions from the Entries Manager
  3. Now, import this data to fill the fields in your PDF

If you use a paid Wufoo plan:

If you are a paid Wufoo subscriber, you can pre-populate PDF fields from a URL string. In the confirmation options, you'll see a URL redirect for the user to a link you provide. Customize this link via our templating feature and include the desired user-submitted data in a manner that syncs with your PDF form. Learn more about URL modifications if you'd like additional information on this feature.

Finally, here's a great article for a more detailed explanation of how the process works. Enjoy all of the time you'll save once you automate this feature!