How to Send Customized Confirmation Emails and Customize the Subject Line

Send custom confirmation email forms for your users with these simple tips.

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How to Send Customized Confirmation Emails and Customize the Subject Line

If you collect email addresses for your email lists, you know that sending a confirmation email is a crucial part of the double opt-in process. With our Rule Builder, you can easily send a customized confirmation email to users, which pulls the information from their submission and adds it to the confirmation email.

When you use our Rule Builder to send a customized confirmation email, you can adjust the name, reply-to-email, subject, and the message in the confirmation email. You can even choose whether or not to include a copy of the entry in the email, so that the user will see what they entered. Ready to get started? Here's how to make it happen.

Setting up the Rule Builder for Customized Email Confirmation Responses

To make this function work, first confirm that you have the email field on your form. You'll set up the customized email replies under the Form Rules tab on the Rule Builder form. Keep in mind that when this feature is set, it behaves just like the notification email rules, and it overrides any current confirmation email settings in the Form Builder if the rule is proven as true.

Wufoo tip: If you want the rule to apply to all future submissions, set Entry ID to greater than zero - this will apply the rule to any new entry that has a number greater than zero. Make it simple to add the customer name in the subject line by use the {entry:FieldX} format.

For added ease, use Wufoo's templating feature to include dynamic data that has been entered into the form. For example, when you want to capture the user's name and address, the templating feature is where you'll set it up.

That's all there is to it! We've made it simple for you to set up automatic, custom confirmation emails.