Forms in SSL Pages

Ensure the security of your pages by configuring the security settings for your images.

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By: Johan Lieu

How to Secure Images on Forms in SSL Pages

If you want to add images or additional elements to your Wufoo page, you want to ensure that the page will retain its safety features. And if you've tried embedding a Wufoo form to your secure SSL page, and you receive a pop-up message that reads “This webpage contains content that will not be delivered using a secure HTTPS” – don’t fear. The likely culprit is your added image, which we'll show you how to fix so that your site remains secure.

First question: Where is the image being hosted?

Before we offer some solutions, first verify where your images are being hosted. Are they on your own server? If so, and the server is SSL-enabled, your workaround is simply to change the URL to “https” in your form's theme.

Or, host images on a secure hosting site

A second way to tackle this problem is to host your images on a secure image hosting site. Sites such as will allow you to host the images securely.

How about pages that don't need SSL encryption?

Do you have a page where you don't require a SSL encryption? If so, here's how to turn off the encryption:

Or – simply remove the image

Finally, if none of the above options are satisfactory, you could just remove the image or use one of our default logo images in your theme.